How much more adorable , epic and romantic can a wedding video clip be? Beyond measure, when it comes to this same-sex wedding in front of the beautiful Santorini sunset! Our amazing duo, Arman and Dylan will most definitely dazzle you as they are madly in love with each other. Their horse ride on the rocky Santorini volcanic scenery as the sun dives into the Aegean Sea will drive crazy even non-romance enthusiasts! The photo shooting with the horses was truly a moment to cherish for this full in love gay couple that trusted our expert team of wedding videographers. They gave us so much tenderness that we didn’t want this fantasy to ever end!
If two hearts are meant to be together, fate will always bring them together, no matter how long it takes or how many miles set them apart or how hard it may seem. This is the meaning of true love and a unique partnership! The epitome of this love story is a romantic gay destination wedding, at the most magnetic of all the Aegean islands, Santorini Greece. The moment the couple exchanges their vows on a Santorini caldera backdrop is like a painting!

No painter could illustrate their happiness at that exact moment; our cameras’though did capture the perfection of the scene!

Love is love, it has no boundaries and you can recognize it when you see it. And there is no hesitation in these two gay grooms that express themselves in the most sensitive way! So, get ready to love this gay wedding as much as we did! The traditional details add to this memorable experience since there are some Indian and Greek influences such as the famous syrtaki dance. And of course, we wouldn’t miss out on the party!

An all night long dance party on this amazing Santorini venue kept all guests on the dancefloor while the beach party afterward made us want to jump into the Aegean Sea with them!

We are so happy for these two souls and amazed by their energy! Let them take you with
them on this amazing ride and we guarantee that it'll be worth it!

Photos by us Phosart Photography Cinematography | Venue: Gem, Santorini