To all romantic souls out there, get ready to fall headfirst into a fairytale. This beautiful  and intimate destination wedding at Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece will definitely blow your minds! From lush cream and mauve garden roses on the wedding arch to the starry night made out of fairy lights at the wedding dinner, the entire celebration radiates elegance. Our lovely couple, Bianca and Timothy confess their never ending love in front of the most romantic landscape in the whole world; caldera Santorini Greece. No one can deny the magical scenery of this unique caldera view and the alluring energy this volcanic island in the Mediterranean Sea has. The strong contradiction of a rocky volcanic surface and the traditional villages with a romantic aesthetic amazes even the non-love-enthusiasts.

Their kisses on a Santorini sunset backdrop are the only thing you'll need to see today to brighten up your day! Picturesque alleys, blue domes and a traditional aesthetic that will leave you breathless. The two lovebirds took a walk through the narrow Santorini streets and they never stopped hugging and teasing each other. Their dance under this curtain of fairy lights makes you want to believe in true love! So much magic and elegance combined in this amazing wedding ceremony!
With inspiration at every turn, you'll love every moment of this video clip. And we felt amazing that we got to know those two beautiful souls! So, take a deep breath, and let's dive into this romantic fairytale. Magic awaits you!